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Announcement of the Official Resale Information Page Release


The official resale information page for Hikaru Utada’s domestic performances on the SCIENCE FICTION TOUR 2024 is now live.

If you wish to sell or purchase tickets, please check the page below and complete the necessary steps within the designated reception period for each performance.

Hikaru Utada Tour Official Ticket Official Resale Information

Fukuoka Performances: July 13 (Sat), July 14 (Sun) at Marine Messe Fukuoka Hall A

Reception Period: July 1, 2024 (Mon) 12:00 PM – July 5, 2024 (Fri) 12:00 PM

Aichi Performances: July 19 (Fri), July 20 (Sat) at Aichi Sky Expo Hall A

Reception Period: July 4, 2024 (Thu) 12:00 PM – July 11, 2024 (Thu) 12:00 PM

Saitama Performances: July 24 (Wed), July 25 (Thu) at Saitama Super Arena

Reception Period: July 9, 2024 (Tue) 12:00 PM – July 16, 2024 (Tue) 12:00 PM

Miyagi Performances: July 30 (Tue), July 31 (Wed) at Sekisui Heim Super Arena, Miyagi

Reception Period: July 15, 2024 (Mon – Public Holiday) 12:00 PM – July 22, 2024 (Mon) 12:00 PM

Tokyo Performances: August 3 (Sat), August 4 (Sun) at Yoyogi National Gymnasium First Gymnasium

Reception Period: July 19, 2024 (Fri) 12:00 PM – July 26, 2024 (Fri) 12:00 PM

Osaka Performances: August 27 (Tue), August 28 (Wed) at Osaka-Jo Hall

Reception Period: August 12, 2024 (Mon – Public Holiday) 12:00 PM – August 19, 2024 (Mon) 12:00 PM

Kanagawa Performances: August 31 (Sat), September 1 (Sun) at K Arena Yokohama

Reception Period: August 16, 2024 (Fri) 12:00 PM – August 23, 2024 (Fri) 12:00 PM

*Official resale is a system that allows individuals who can no longer attend a performance due to unavoidable circumstances to officially transfer their tickets at face value to others who wish to purchase them. However, please note that both sellers and buyers are subject to a lottery system, and successful transactions are not guaranteed.

*The reception periods are tentative and may change without prior notice. Please understand in advance.

*Purchases through the official resale are only available to those who can use the official tour app “Hikaru Utada Tour Official.”

*Specific individuals cannot be designated for ticket transfers. *Fees will be incurred for both the seller and the applicant only if the resale is successful.