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About the second reception


*If you reside overseas, please check the [FOR OVERSEAS] Click here to apply if you are from OVERSEAS page in the “Notice” section at the top of the page.

【Eligibility for This Registration】

This registration is for those who hold a serial code that was not selected in the following:

● Regular & Premium Ticket Lottery Registration (For album purchasers)

● Premium Ticket Upgrade-Only Lottery Registration (For album purchasers)

・ Please apply using the same account information and serial code as the above registrations.

・ You can apply once per “SCIENCE FICTION” serial code that was not selected in the above registrations. Please note that you cannot apply for the same event for which you have already purchased tickets.

・ If you have multiple unselected serial codes, you can apply as many times as you have codes. You can also apply multiple serial codes for the same event.

・ Upgrading already purchased regular tickets to premium tickets is not possible.

・ Even if you have already won in the above registrations, you can apply if you hold a serial code that was not selected.

・ Applications from individuals who are not eligible will be automatically rejected.

※ If you deleted your account after the lottery or do not know your unselected serial code, please refer to the following instructions.

Ticket application and ticketing for this performance requires a smartphone device with the phone number registered at the time of application. 

When registering, please enter the telephone number of the smartphone device that will display the digital ticket on the day of the performance. Please note that changes to the registered telephone number cannot be made, so please avoid changing the telephone number or canceling the smartphone device until the day of the performance.

The tickets for this performance are designated as “Specific Entertainment Tickets (Specific Tickets)” under the “Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations”. Specific Tickets are sold after confirming the name and contact information of the purchaser or eligible attendee and are prohibited from being transferred for a fee without the organizer’s consent.

This application is based on a lottery system for ticket acquisition. *Not first-come, first-served.

Please refer to the following website.

【Performance Date/Time/Venue】

Please refer to the performance list above for details.

【Ticket Types and Prices (Tax Included)】

Premium Ticket: ¥27,500 (Limited number available, designated seat in the front arena area with special merchandise handed out at the venue on the day)

Regular Ticket S: ¥18,700 (Regular designated seat in the arena or stand area)

Regular Ticket A: ¥16,500 (Regular designated seat in the rear stand area)

※ Regular Ticket A is only available for sale at Saitama Super Arena/K-Arena Yokohama. Additionally, Please be aware that some seats on the upper floor may be designated as seated due to venue regulations. 

※ Admission is not permitted for children who have not yet entered elementary school. Tickets are required for elementary school students and above.

※ Ticket prices are per person.

※ Special merchandise for Premium Tickets will only be distributed at the venue on the day of the event. Please note that we do not provide follow-up or shipping services for those who cannot attend the event or do not receive the merchandise at the venue on the day of the performance.

【Application Limit】

You can apply once per serial code.

If you have multiple serial codes, please apply using each one separately.

※ You can select up to three preferences for the combination of “event and seat type.”

※ You can select up to two tickets per combination of “event and seat type.”

※ You can win a maximum of one event per serial code. It is possible to not win any tickets.

※ If you apply with multiple serial codes, you may win tickets for multiple events. Please ensure you only apply for events you can attend.

※ You cannot apply for the same event for which you have already purchased tickets.

※ There is a possibility that you may win tickets for events or seat types with lower preferences, so please make sure to apply only for events and seat types you wish to attend.

【Fees (Tax Included)】

System Usage Fee: ¥330 per ticket

Sales Service Fee: ¥550 per ticket

Payment processing fee (for convenience store/Pay-easy payments only): ¥220 per transaction

Ticket issuance fee: ¥110 per ticket

【Application Period】

During the application period, you can cancel or modify your application. Please cancel from “My Page > Ticket Application History.” For modifications, please cancel first and then reapply. Canceling or modifying applications after the application period is not possible.

【Announcement of Lottery Results/ Payment Period for Ticket Fees】

Once the lottery results are announced, please check your My Page for the results. If you win, please complete your payment during the payment period.

If you chose credit card payment, please confirm the completion of payment on My Page during the payment period.

If payment is not made during the payment period, the winning will be invalidated, and tickets will not be provided.

【Digital Tickets】

Ticket Issuance Start Date: Approximately one week before each performance (scheduled)

Once ticket issuance starts, you can check your digital tickets and bring them on the day of the performance.

If you purchased multiple tickets, distribute the tickets to your companions after ticket issuance starts.

※ On the day of the performance, each person must display one digital ticket.

※ The ticket applicant’s name will be displayed on the digital ticket (the names of both the applicant and accompanying persons will be displayed on the accompanying person’s ticket).

※ Seat numbers will not be displayed on the digital ticket. Please check your seat number with the seat ticket provided at the entrance on the day of the performance. *Seats are pre-assigned and not based on entry order.

※ If you cannot display your digital ticket, you will not be admitted under any circumstances, so please be careful.

【Important Points Regarding Application and Admission】

■ If you forget your smartphone device with the registered phone number during application and cannot display your digital ticket for any reason, you will not be admitted. In such cases, no refund will be provided, so please be sure to bring the smartphone device with the registered phone number on the day of the performance.

■ If there are errors in the registered phone number or discrepancies in the application details, you will not be able to receive the digital ticket. Please double-check your input details carefully.

■ If you are unable to attend the performance due to unavoidable circumstances, please utilize the official fixed-rate resale service, which will be notified to you at a later date.

■ For security reasons and to prevent resale, both the applicant and accompanying persons may be required to present a photo ID with specified identification at the entrance for identity verification. Please make sure to bring either a passport, special permanent resident certificate, residence card, or student ID with a photo. *valid within the expiration date, photocopies and IDs in another person’s name are invalid.

■ Minors must attend with the consent of their guardians.

■ When purchasing two or more tickets, the seats may be arranged in a vertical row or separated by aisles.

■ We cannot respond to inquiries regarding lottery results or seating.

■ In case of cancellation of the performance midway, ticket refunds will not be provided.

■ Some parts of the stage or member positions during the performance may obstruct visibility of the stage.

■ For those wishing to view the performance in a wheelchair, you will be guided to a viewing area for wheelchairs. The viewing space is equivalent to a Regular Ticket S, so please apply for a Regular Ticket S in advance. *Tickets are also required for accompanying persons. After payment for the tickets, please contact the respective inquiries for each performance. Please note that the number of wheelchair spaces is limited, so we may not be able to accommodate all requests.

■ For any other inquiries, please also refer to the FAQ section.

【Notes Regarding the Performance】

■ The opening and start times are subject to change.

■ Recording or filming with video cameras or any equipment deemed professional, including SLR cameras, is strictly prohibited inside the venue. If discovered by staff, you will be asked to delete the data and leave the premises. In such cases, ticket refunds will not be provided.

■ If you plan to use smartphones or personal compact digital cameras inside the venue, please ensure that your usage does not inconvenience other guests. Please refrain from using flash or lights that may interfere with the performance.

■ Failure to comply with staff instructions or guidelines inside the venue may result in refusal of entry or removal from the premises. In such cases, ticket refunds will not be provided.

■ Please note that videos, photographs, and audio recordings taken inside the venue, including footage of the audience and seating areas, may be shared publicly.

■ Due to security reasons, no gifts will be accepted for the artist.

■ Bag inspections will be conducted upon entry to the venue for this performance. Please arrive with ample time as entry may take longer than usual.

■ Waiting outside the venue or station overnight (camping out) is strictly prohibited. Waiting for entry or exit, chasing after the artist, sitting on surrounding roads, etc., not only pose risks to the artists and attendees but may also cause accidents or troubles involving the general public. Any accidents or incidents resulting from these actions should be resolved by the involved parties. The artist, organizers, and venue will not be held responsible. Furthermore, individuals engaging in malicious acts may be refused entry to the performance venue and handed over to the police.

■ After the performance ends, regulated exits may be implemented to alleviate congestion. Please follow staff instructions and exit slowly.

■ Please note that no seat changes or refunds will be possible on the day of the performance.

■ In the event of cancellation or postponement of the performance, no compensation will be provided for travel expenses, accommodation fees, etc. *Including cancellation fees.

■ We kindly ask you to use public transportation when accessing the venue.

■ Please refrain from contacting the venue directly regarding this performance.

Prohibited items for bringing in

●Water bottles, tumblers. Bottles/cans/glassware

●Pet bottles larger than 1 liter/frozen pet bottles

●Banners with poles/ banners or signboards with political messages

●Laser pointers, penlights

●Recording equipment

-Video cameras/action cameras/monopods/tripods/selfie sticks/recording devices

-Professional cameras (including telephoto lenses)

●Helmets/large studded belts or bracelets/accessories

●Suitcases, large duffel bags, carry-on luggage, etc.

●Weapons, fireworks, drones

●Umbrellas (except folding umbrellas)

Additionally, any items prohibited by law or deemed dangerous by security are not allowed. We cannot hold prohibited items at the entrance. Please make arrangements, such as using nearby coin lockers, to store these items before entering.


【Inquiries Regarding Tickets】

FAQ / Inquiry

※ Please note that it may take 2-3 business days to respond. Replies are provided on weekdays only.

※ We kindly ask you to inquire well in advance of your desired date.

【Inquiries Regarding the Performance】

Please refer to the “Notes” section of each performance listed above for inquiries regarding the respective performances.