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For Overseas Fan


If you wish to purchase a ticket, please be sure to read and understand all the details and precautions on this reception site before applying.

 In order to apply for and issue tickets for this performance, you will need a smartphone device that can make calls, authenticate SMS, and connect to the Internet on the day of the performance. Please be sure to enter the phone number of the smartphone terminal that displays the digital ticket on the day of the performance. Changes cannot be made after registration, so please do not change your phone number or cancel your smartphone device until the performance date. * Those who apply from this reception desk will be required to obtain a digital ticket from a smartphone that has been authenticated by SMS for both the applicant and the accompanying person. (Tickets will be issued without using the official tour app.)

Tickets for this performance are “specified box office admission tickets (specified tickets)” that are prohibited from unauthorized resale under the “Act on Prohibition of Unauthorized Resale of Tickets”. Specific tickets are tickets sold after confirming the name and contact information of the purchaser or the person who is eligible to enter, and it is prohibited to transfer this ticket for a fee without the consent of the organizer. 

Agency for Cultural Affairs 

This reception will be accepted by lottery (not first-come, first-served reception). Please register as a member (free of charge) on this site and apply within the reception period.

[Date/Venue] * (UTC+09:00) 

Please check the list of performances above

【Ticket type and price (tax included)】 

Regular Ticket S: ¥18,700 (Regular reserved seats in the arena and stand areas) 

Regular Ticket A: ¥16,500 (Regular reserved seats in the back area of the stands) 

* Regular ticket A is sold only at Saitama Super Arena / K Arena Yokohama. 

* Preschool children are not allowed to enter, and tickets are required for elementary school students and above.

 * Premium tickets are not available at this reception. 

* All ticket prices are per person.

【Limit on the number of applications】

 Up to 4 tickets per person per performance If you would like to have multiple performances, please apply for one performance at a time. 

* There is a possibility that multiple performances will be selected, so please apply for performances that you can participate in. 

* Saitama Super Arena and K Arena Yokohama can be selected up to the second choice ticket type.

【Fee (tax included)】 

System usage fee: ¥330/sheet 

Sales service charge: ¥550/piece 

Settlement fee (convenience store / Pay-easy payment only): ¥220 / case 

Ticketing fee: ¥110/ticket

【Reception period】※(UTC+09:00) 

You can cancel or change your application only during the application period. Please cancel from My Page > ticket application history. In case of change, please cancel and apply again. Cancellations and changes cannot be made after the application period ends.

[Announcement of lottery results / Payment period of ticket price] 

* (UTC+09:00) When the lottery results are announced, please check the lottery results on My Page. For winning performances, please complete the payment during the payment period.

 Even if you have selected a credit card, please check My Page during the deposit period that the payment has been completed. If payment is not made during the deposit period, the prize will be voided and tickets will not be available.

[About Digital Tickets] 

* (UTC+09:00) 

Ticketing start date: About 1 week before each performance date ~ (planned) Once the ticketing starts, you can check the digital ticket from your smartphone that has been authenticated by SMS, so please bring it with you on the day of the performance. If you have purchased more than one ticket, please distribute the tickets to your companions after the ticketing starts. 

* Accompanying people are also required to register as members (free of charge). * On the day of the performance, it is necessary to display one digital ticket per person on a smartphone. 

* The name of the ticket applicant is displayed on the digital ticket (the name of the companion who distributed it is displayed on the companion ticket).

 *Seat numbers are not displayed on digital tickets. On the day of the performance, please check the seat ticket given to you at the entrance (seats are predetermined and not in the order of admission). *Please note that if your digital ticket cannot be displayed, you will not be able to enter for any reason.

【Precautions for application and admission】 

■ If you cannot display your digital ticket due to forgetting your smartphone terminal with the phone number you registered at the time of application, you will not be able to enter for any reason. In that case, we will not provide a refund, so please do not forget the smartphone terminal with the phone number registered at the time of application on the day of the performance. 

■ If the phone number is incorrect or the application details are incomplete, you will not be able to receive the digital ticket, so please check the entered information carefully. 

■ If you are unable to participate in the performance due to unavoidable reasons, please use the official flat-rate resale that will be announced at a later date. 

■ If you use the official flat-rate resale, the account that can be refunded after the listing is completed will be the account of a financial institution in Japan. Please note that if you do not have an account, refunds will not be given. Click here for financial institutions that offer refunds 

■ From the viewpoint of security and prevention of resale, both the applicant and the accompanying person must bring either a passport, a special permanent resident certificate, or a residence card (limited to those within the expiration date * a copy of an ID card in another person’s name is invalid) to the venue when entering. If your companion is a resident of Japan, please be sure to bring one of the following: driver’s license, driver’s history certificate, basic resident registration card, My Number card, special permanent resident certificate, residence card, disability certificate, rehabilitation certificate, passport + insurance card, student ID with photo + insurance card (limited to those within the expiration date, * photocopy, invalid ID card in another person’s name). 

■ If you are a minor, please come with the consent of a parent or guardian. 

■ If you purchase two or more tickets, you may be seated side by side or across the aisle. 

■ We will not be able to respond to any inquiries regarding the lottery or seats. 

■ If the performance is canceled in the middle of the performance, the ticket price will not be refunded. 

■ Depending on part of the production and the position of the members during the performance, it may be difficult to see the stage. 

■ If you wish to view in a wheelchair, you will be guided to the viewing space for wheelchairs. The viewing space is equivalent to Regular Ticket S, so please apply for Regular Ticket S in advance (tickets are also required for companions). After paying for your ticket, please contact us at the contact information for each performance. Please note that the number of wheelchair spaces is limited and we may not be able to accommodate them. 

■ If you have any other questions, please also check the FAQ.

【Notes on performances】 

■Opening and starting times are subject to change. 

■ Filming with a video camera or using equipment that can be considered professional use, including single-lens reflex cameras, is strictly prohibited in the venue. If it is found by the staff, you will be asked to delete the data and leave the venue. In that case, the ticket price will not be refunded. 

■ If you use a smartphone or personal compact digital camera in the venue, please do not disturb other guests. When using, please refrain from using flashes and lights that interfere with the production. 

■ If you do not follow the instructions and precautions of the staff in the venue, you will be refused admission or will be asked to leave. In that case, the ticket price will not be refunded. 

■ Videos, photos, and audio of the venue, including the audience seats of this performance, may be released. Thank you for your understanding. 

■ Due to security reasons, we will not accept any gifts for artists at this performance. 

■ At this performance, baggage inspection will be conducted at the time of entry. It may take some time to enter, so please allow plenty of time. 

■ Waiting in and out of the venue (including all-nighters) is prohibited. Waiting, waiting, chasing, and sitting on nearby roads at venues, train stations, and hotel public spaces not only pose a danger to the artists and themselves, but may also cause accidents and troubles involving the general public. Accidents and incidents caused by these acts will be resolved by the parties concerned. Artists, organizers, and venues are not responsible for anything. In addition, please note that if you commit a malicious act, you will be refused entry to the performance venue and may be handed over to the police. 

■ When you leave after the performance, you may have to leave the venue to alleviate congestion. Please follow the instructions of the staff and return slowly. 

■ Please note that we cannot change the seat position on the day of the event, or provide refunds. 

■ Please note that if this performance is canceled or postponed, we will not compensate for travel expenses and accommodation expenses (including cancellation fees) to the venue. 

■Please use public transportation to access the venue. 

■ Please refrain from making inquiries to the venue regarding this performance. 

●Prohibited items 

・Water bottles, tumblers, bottles/cans/glassware 

・PET bottles of 1L or more / frozen PET bottles 

・ Banner with a pole / banner / sign board with a political message 

・Laser pointer, penlight 

・Filming and recording equipment Video cameras, action cameras, monopods and tripods, selfie sticks, recording equipment Professional cameras (including telephoto lenses) 

・Helmet / large studded belt, bracelet / accessories 

・Suitcases, large duffel bags, carry cases, etc. 

・Weapons, weapons, fireworks, drones 

・Umbrellas (excluding folding umbrellas) Regardless of the above, we do not allow items that are prohibited by law or items that are judged to be dangerous for security. Prohibited items cannot be kept at the entrance. Please take measures such as depositing it in a nearby coin locker in advance. 

【Inquiries about tickets】 

FAQ / Contact Us * It may take 2~3 business days to reply. In addition, replies will be made only on weekdays. 

【Inquiries about performances】 

Please check the contact information from the above list of performances and “Notes” for each performance.